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Decades of Experience in Cleanroom Compliance

If you have a material handling need in a cleanroom environment, our experienced team can design and build the perfect solution. The standard chassis allows for proven lifting power, heavier and dynamic side loads, and reliability. Our end-effectors provide precise manipulation designed specifically for the object you need to handle.

Alum-a-Lift provides tailored solutions that are designed to minimize particulate emissions. Corrosion-free anodized aluminum is the primary material of construction with stainless steel, nickel plating, and engineered plastics such as UHMW-PE and acetal being used where appropriate. Lifting is accomplished using an electric motor driving an encapsulated ball screw. Sliding friction is eliminated in favor of rolling contact when required by cleanroom classification.

Alum-a-Lift recognizes that floor space in your cleanroom is a valuable asset. The footprint of each lift is optimized for the task that will be performed. Many lifts are configured with interchangeable or multi-function end-effectors, maximizing the value of occupied real estate.

Lifts can be constructed to be specific regional or industry requirements, including CE, SEMI S2/S8, and cGMP.

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Cleanroom Compliance

Alum-a-Lift is an expert in cleanroom requirements and compatible lifting systems. With an all-electric drivetrain and corrosion-resistant chassis, you won’t have to worry about hydraulic fluid leaks, rust, particle generation, or contamination.

Fed Std Class 100,000 (ISO 8) Up to Fed Std Class 10 (ISO 4)

Recent Cleanroom Lifts

Our cleanroom hoists, carts, and lifts are tailored to your specific requirements, resulting in a perfect match for your material handling needs. Here are some of our recent cleanroom lifts:

Stainless Steel Construction Available

Alum-a-Lift custom lifting equipment is available in full stainless steel construction for sanitary washdown and hazardous environments.

Alum-a-Lifts are suitable for rigorous cleaning practices, with constructions available for caustic cleaners and hose-down wash-down (up to IP65).

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Expert Service

Over 12,000 Alum-a-Lifts are in use in more than 50 countries worldwide.

To ensure all of our clients have access to the support they need, Alum-a-Lift maintains a global network of factory-trained representatives. These agents are available for on-site discussion, troubleshooting, and support.

Industry Portfolios

Learn more about our clean-room compliant lifts used in specific industries here:

Benefits of an Alum-a-Lift

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“The lift has surpassed our expectations on every level, and the lift’s maneuverability in our small facility is amazing. We never expected to be able to change directions within the small confines of our cleanroom, let alone while it is loaded.”

Engineer, Pharmaceutical Company

Lifts designed and built to your exact specifications

Don't see a perfect match to your requirements? Don't worry. Contact a member of our engineering team to learn more about similar products we’ve built and how we can create a solution that’s perfect for you.