Lifting solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries

Engineered Material Handling Solutions

Alum-a-Lift has years of experience providing material handling solutions for the pharmaceutical and biotech industries.

Biotherapeutics, pharmaceuticals, vaccines, and other similar products have specific manufacturing and material handling requirements for which Alum-a-Lifts are uniquely suited.

Aluminum and stainless steel are naturally corrosion resistant and are our primary materials of construction.

Because Alum-a-Lifts are machined in-house, our designs incorporate easily cleanable flat surfaces, made from sheet and plate material, minimizing grooves, notches and openings that can interfere with sanitary cleaning practices.

A clean electric ball screw drive is used for lifting, and can be hermetically sealed in a polyurethane “bellows” enclosure.

The standard chassis offers proven lifting power and allows for heavier and dynamic side loads. Our end-effectors provide precise manipulation designed specifically for the object you need to handle.

To ensure your lift can handle the demanding standards of the pharmaceutical industry, every handling system undergoes rigorous factory testing that simulates actual use as well as extensive QC inspections.


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Sanitary Wash-Down and Stainless Steel Lifting Equipment

When highly reactive cleaning agents like strong acids and some sporicides are critical to your process, there is no substitute for stainless steel. Alum-a-Lift’s full stainless steel systems are engineered from the ground up, including natural water shedding surfaces and a 304 or 316 structural frame, avoiding the need for superficial cladding typical in modified or adapted designs. As a budget-friendly alternative, stainless steel can also be used exclusively in areas of product contact, such as platforms, clamp pads, or other end-effector components.

Alum-a-Lifts can be configured with an IP65 rating, suitable for cleaning with low pressure jets of water in a sanitary wash-down environment.

Many of our customers have discovered anodized aluminum to be an ideal material for sanitary environments. Corrosion resistant, and offering similar strength at one-third the weight of stainless steel, Alum-a-Lift’s standard designs represent an easy-to-push, economical system suitable for many common cleaning practices, including solutions of deionized (DI) water and isopropyl alcohol (IPA)

Built-to-order Pharma Lifts for Seamless Integration

Alum-a-Lift tailors systems for your specific process, so you get a lift that works perfectly for you and your operators. Custom end-effectors take size, material, environment, and product into account.

Factors such as push / pull forces are analyzed when designing the lifting device with the goal of minimizing overall system weight for ease of use. When push / pull forces do exceed industry standards, clean electric powered drive lifts are available.

Our dedicated engineers identify and address challenges such as confined spaces, narrow aisles, overhead obstacles, and more.

Pharmaceutical lifts we build include:

Clamping lifts raise and rotate drums and carboys full of powders, liquids, and capsules

Roll handling lifts paper and plastic packaging, labeling, and bagging

Custom lifts and custom end-effectors handle your filters, vessels, vials, mixers, boxes, and more

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Cleanroom Compliant Pharmaceutical Lifts

With an all-electric drivetrain and corrosion-resistant chassis, you won’t have to worry about hydraulic fluid leaks, rust, particle generation, or contamination.

Fed Std Class 100,000 (ISO 8) Up to Fed Std Class 10 (ISO 4)

Pharmaceutical Lifting Equipment for Hazardous Areas

Alum-a-Lifts can be configured to be used in environments containing ignitable concentrations of either dust or gas explosive environment and meet the ATEX Directive 94/9/EC.

Custom lifting devices can be configured with either an EE or an EX rating.

Compatible with ATEX Category 2 Compatible with ATEX Category 3
Pneumatically operated and intrinsically safe Sealed electrical systems and components
Can be used in the following hazardous areas:
  • US NEC 500/IEC Class 1 Div 1 and Class 2 Div 1

  • US NEC 505 / IEC Zone 1 (Gases / Vapors) and Zone 21 (Dusts)
Can be used in the following hazardous areas:
  • US NEC 500/IEC Class 1 Div 2 and Class 2 Div 2

  • US NEC 505 / IEC Zone 2 (Gases / Vapors) and Zone 22 (Dusts)
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Recent Pharmaceutical Lifts

Alum-a-Lifts are tailored to your specific requirements. Here are some of our recent pharma lifts:

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Expert Service

Over 12,000 of our lifting devices are in use in more than 50 countries worldwide.

To ensure all of our clients have access to the support they need, Alum-a-Lift maintains a global network of factory-trained representatives. These agents are available for on-site discussion, troubleshooting, and support.

“[Alum-a-Lift] did an excellent job on the design and integration of this lift. All of the specifications on the end-effector were met and allowed for precise loading and unloading at each of our stations. The timely delivery of this lift allowed our team to meet our deadlines, and as it turns out, that is a very big deal.”

Engineer, Pharmaceutical Company

Benefits of an Alum-a-Lift

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Lifts designed and built to your exact specifications

Don't see a perfect match to your requirements? Don't worry. Contact a member of our engineering team to learn more about similar products we’ve built and how we can create a solution that’s perfect for you.