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Our Lifts Address All Known Points of Failure

Prevent the unsafe failure modes that are found in hydraulic, cable, or chain lifting systems with our ball-screw design and additional safety features.

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Fail-Safe Brake

Alum-a-Lift lifting drives feature a fail-safe brake that defaults to the engaged position when the motor is not energized. When power to an Alum-a-Lift is lost or removed, it will always default to a safe condition. No unintended or uncontrolled motions are possible.

Ball Nut Safety Spring

A ball screw drive is standard on every Alum-a-Lift. Each lift’s ball nut has a safety spring that will secure the load in the event the nut is damaged and the ball bearings are lost.

Ball Nut saftey spring | Mechanical Handling Safety Solutions | Safe Lift Equipment | Alum-a-Lift
centrifuge flyaway device | Mechanical Handling Safety Solutions | Safe Lift Equipment | Alum-a-Lift

Centrifugal Fly-Away Device

For very heavy or overhead loads, Alum-a-Lifts can be equipped with the unique centrifugal fly-away safety device. If a lift’s ball screw became decoupled from its motor, this calibrated device would sense the sudden ball screw acceleration and automatically deploy its safety fingers, halting downward travel.

Ball Screw Design Advantages

The use of a ball screw prevents the risks normally associated with a cable or chain breaking or a hydraulic system losing pressure.

Safety Inherently fail-safe​. All failure modes addressed Pressure loss results in free-fall failure mode Broken cables, belts, or chains result in free-fall failure modes
Maintenance No scheduled component replacement and less than two hours required annual maintenance Fluids, seals, hoses & filters wear out and require replacement and frequent inspection/adjustment Cables, belts, and chains wear and must be replaced and inspected and adjusted frequently
Cleanliness Standard corrosion-resistant construction. Sealed, cleanroom, and sanitary options available. Rust-prone construction typical. Exposed lubricants and fluid leaks prevalent. Rust-prone construction typical. Greasy cables and chains common. Particulate is generated due to sliding or rubbing between components.
Lifting Precision Smooth, repeatable ball screw positioning with user adjustable speed control. Discrete, pulsed operation common. Drifting and coasting inherent. Discrete ratchet-points for cranked system. Cable stretch and bounce possible.

“I did meet with the operators on the other line where we provided the larger lift . . . and they about kissed me! . . . One operator told me this lift was the best thing that [our company] had ever bought them for productivity and safety!”

Process Engineer, Food Manufacturing Company

Rigorous Strength and Stability Validation

Every Alum-a-Lift undergoes a multi-stage safety qualification for your specific loading conditions.


Alum-a-Lift’s commitment to safety and injury prevention begins with the project proposal.  A stability calculation is performed for every system.


During the design process, Alum-a-Lift Project Engineers use actual worst-case loading conditions to validate factors of safety. Solid models are used to confirm margins of safety for stability.

Final Test

Physical stability and load testing is conducted and photo documented for every custom lifting device manufactured.

safety features | Mechanical Handling Safety Solutions | Safe Lift Equipment | Alum-a-Lift

Additional Safety Features

Alum-a-Lift can be equipped with a wide range of additional safety features.

EMO (e-stop) buttons

Lock-out/Tag-Out (LOTO) switches

Centrifugal Fly-Away

Safety interlocks

Obstacle sensors

Overload sensors

And many more

Lifts designed and built to your exact specifications

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