Lift Options & Accessories

Complete solutions for your process

Comprehensive Lifting Systems

At Alum-a-Lift, we offer more than just a single lift — we first gain an understanding of your process and look up and downstream in pursuit of a complete, turnkey material handling solution. By using our lifts, carts, tugs and other options at every step, you’ll ensure seamless integration and safe transitions.

Lift Options

Because our engineers gain a complete understanding of your application, our lifts’ integration into your process is seamless. Optional or discretionary features are offered on the basis of specific project requirements, including usage frequency, environmental concerns, and ergonomic considerations. Browse our tables below for a selection of our most commonly offered features.

Model Configurations

Hose-down/wash-down (IP65)


High-capacity linear bearings

Stainless steel construction

Hazardous environment

Multi-stage telescoping mast

Steerable powered drive wheel



Centrifugal fly-away safety device

Overload sensing safety devices

Obstacle encounter sensors

E-stop buttons

Height-sensing traveling limit switches

Electromechanical Interlocks

Strobe lights

Audible alerts

Lock-out tag-out switch

Other Options

Docking features

Standardized “conformity kits

Third party inspections and certifications

Polyurethane ball screw enclosures

Quick-exchange battery system

Special or high-capacity casters

Electrostatic discharge (ESD)

Low-profile base and legs

[Alum-a-Lift] did an excellent job on the design and integration of this lift. All of the specifications on the end-effector were met and allowed for precise loading and unloading at each of our stations. The timely delivery of this lift allowed our team to meet our deadlines, and as it turns out, that is a very big deal.”

Engineer, Pharmaceutical Company


Alum-a-Lift can solve your heavy-handling needs. Taking a whole-application approach, our team offers supporting accessories to enhance workflows and processes.

Storage racks and carts

Stage material, reduce travel time, and increase storage density with our storage racks and carts. Compatibility is guaranteed because each one is designed in collaboration with its corresponding lifting device.

Adaptors, docking devices, and tooling accessories

Simplify process steps, alleviate safety concerns, and minimize manual material handling with our adaptors, docking devices and tooling accessories.

Self-propelled tugs

Transport existing or Alum-a-Lift-manufactured carts and racks between locations with our self-propelled tugs. Our engineers can choose from our vast library of end-effector solutions to ensure it works with your process.

Lifts designed and built to your exact specifications

Don't see a perfect match to your requirements? Don't worry. Contact a member of our engineering team to learn more about similar products we’ve built and how we can create a solution that’s perfect for you.