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Alum-a-Lift Basics

Each one of our durable, maneuverable lifts includes our dual-mast structure. The standard chassis allows for proven lifting power, off-center loading, and reliability throughout your process.

Dual-mast design capable of off-center loading

Efficient, failsafe ball screw drive

Detachable operator control pendants

Inherently clean construction

All-electric drivetrain

Ergonomic, light-weight structure

Compliant with industry & region-specific standards


Our ball screw drive addresses all known failure modes in material handling lifts.

Learn why our lifts are the safe choice


Ergonomic considerations are made for every aspect of our lifting equipment designs.

Learn why our lifts are the ergonomic choice


Our ergonomic lifting devices are tailored to your specific requirements, goals, and processes. Get a lift that’s made exactly for you.

6061-T6 Aluminum 304/316 Stainless Steel
Variable Speed Electric Motor Air Motor
Failsafe Brake Centrifugal Fly-Away Safety
Ball Screw High-Speed Dual-Start Ball Screw
Low-Friction Plastic Rollers High-Capacity Precision Linear Bearings
Metal Screw Guard Sealed Polyurethane “Bellows” Screw Enclosure
Electrical/Control System

Operating at greater than 90% efficiency, the ball screw drive allows most lifts to achieve hundreds of lifting cycles between battery charges.

Maintenance-Free Sealed Batteries AC Power Supply
Onboard Batteries Quick-Exchange Batteries
Onboard Smart Charger Off-Line Smart Charger
12V or 24V DC System
Battery Fuel Gauge
Power-Saving Inactivity Timer
Redundant End-of-Stroke Limit Switches
Handheld Pushbutton Pendant Controls
Power Requirements
100-120 or 220-240 VAC 50/60 Hz Factory Air (90psi CDA)
Non-Marring Swiveling Casters Rigid Casters
Total Locking Wheel Brakes Standalone Floor Brake
Steerable Powered Drive Wheel
Base and Legs
Proprietary Lightweight Aluminum Extrusion Low-Profile Embedded Wheels
Sized to Fit Your Process Counterbalance (No Legs)
Floor or Equipment Mounted
Cleanroom Compatibility

With an all-electric drivetrain and corrosion-resistant chassis, you won’t have to worry about hydraulic fluid leaks, rust, particle generation, or contamination.

Fed Std Class 100,000 (ISO 8) Up to Fed Std Class 10 (ISO 4)
Ingress Protection
IP65 Hose-Down Wash-Down Duty
Hazardous Areas

Custom lifting devices can be configured with either an EE or an EX rating for use in areas with hazardous concentrations of combustible materials.

Pneumatic Operation Electric Operation
Compatible with ATEX Category 2 Compatible with ATEX Category 3
Can be used in the following hazardous areas:
  • US NEC 500/IEC Class 1 Div 1 and Class 2 Div 1

  • US NEC 505 / IEC Zone 1 (Gases / Vapors) and Zone 21 (Dusts)
Can be used in the following hazardous areas:
  • US NEC 500/IEC Class 1 Div 2 and Class 2 Div 2

  • US NEC 505 / IEC Zone 2 (Gases / Vapors) and Zone 22 (Dusts)

Alum-a-Lifts are easy to work on without specialized tools or knowledge.  Most companies utilize their internal maintenance personnel.  Technical support via phone and email remains available to the original end-user throughout the life of every lift.

Total Preventative Maintenance Less than 2 hours annually
Components and Spares Kept in stock, ready to ship
Access to Critical Components Clear and simple
Direct Access to Engineers Allows many adjustments and maintenance items to be performed immediately with existing personnel
Modifications Modular construction and access to engineers facilitates modifications to meet evolving material handling requirements
Training, Refurbishment, and Repairs On-site training, factory refurbishment, and repair services are offered.

“The lifts are working great without any hiccups or problems, and the support from Alum-a-Lift has been super. . . . If I get approval, I’ll replace every lift we have with Alum-a-Lift brand lifts, since 12 of the ‘other brand’ are down, waiting on parts.”

Sr. Manufacturing Engineer, Electronics Company

Custom End-Effectors

Our end-effectors provide precise manipulation designed specifically for the object you need to handle. Our Engineers can choose from our library of thousands of lift-assist solutions, or they can custom-design a perfect fit.

End-effectors are precisely sized to the object being handled, and they offer translation and rotation on any of the three axes. Motions are also offered in both manual and powered configurations.

Learn more about how our custom end-effectors can fit seamlessly into your process on our industry pages.

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Additional Options and Accessories

Our material handling solutions can be designed and manufactured to include a wide range of additional options and accessories, including sensors, lights, carts, powered drive wheels, quick-change batteries, and much more.

Learn more about our additional options and accessories

Material handling solutions

Designed and built to your exact specifications

Contact a member of our engineering team to tell us more about your project and to learn more about how we can create a solution that’s perfect for you.