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Powered Clamp Lift for Installing Feeder Assemblies



34071 Powered Clamp Lift for Installing Feeder Assemblies

Telescoping Mast, Powered Rotation Module, Powered Clamp, Interchangeable Clamp Pads


200 lb [90 kg] Drums and 46 lb [20 kg] Butterfly Valves


This powered clamp lift was designed for a multinational pharmaceutical company that was looking for a safer process to ergonomically handle the installation of a butterfly value feeder assembly under a drum/funnel assembly. The lift needed to have a powered 180 degree rotation and reach higher upper limits. Alum-a-Lift offered an all-in-one solution for multiple different sub-components in their assembly with interchangeable clamps to handle all assembly components, an end-effector that facilitates rotations, and a telescoping mast for higher reach while keeping overall height shorter to fit through doorways.