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Roll Handling Lift with Expanding Core Gripper



Roll Handling Lifting Equipment with Rotating Expanding Core Gripper

90° Rotating Expanding Mandrel, Tilt-Up Safety, Safe-to-Lift Indicator Light, Quick-exchange Mandrel Tips


400 lb [181 kg] Rolls


Rolls of material are often using in manufacturing settings and sometimes those rolls cannot be handled from the exterior of the roll. When this is the case the expanding mandrel lift is the perfect solution. This lift engages the roll from the core using a powered, non-marring rubber gripper. This lift features exchangeable Ø3” and Ø6” tips as well as powered 90° front-to back rotation. Safety features include a “safe-to-lift” light, indicating that the correct gripping force has been achieved to lift the roll, as well as overtravel protection when lowering.