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34618 Compact Heavy Duty Lift for Class 2 Div 2 Environments



Compact Heavy Duty Lift

Powered Drive Wheel, Heavy Duty Fork Set, Folding 90° Drive Handle, Powered Lateral Shuttle, Safety Overload Module w/Load/Obstacle Sensing


1,125 lb [510 kg] Roller Assemblies


This compact heavy duty lift was designed for a candy manufacturer production line with very narrow aisles where they needed to lift, remove, and reinstall heavy roller assemblies into their machinery and required NEC Class 2 Div 2 compatibility, making a standard forklift impractical. Alum-a-Lift customized a shortened lift body for maximum clearance with a 90° folding drive handle to allow even more compactness if needed. This lift also includes a heavy duty shuttling fork set with cutouts to clear features on the load, obstacle sensing capabilities, and an overload safety module in case of an overload.