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Quick Exchange Gripper Lift with Various Fixtures



34546 Quick Exchange Gripper Lift with Various Fixtures

Quick Exchange Fixture Assemblies, Manual Gripper with Rotating Wrists and Adjustable Drag


200 lb [90 kg] Containers


Built for a magnetics company to accurately and safely handle containers during various stages of their manufacturing process. This gripper lift features a manual gripper with rotating wrists that allows containers to easily adjust to the machines mounting surface and ensure a flush connection every time. The rotating wrists include an adjustable drag, which provides freedom to adjust how easily the wrists can rotate. The platform fixture adds functionality with a higher load limit and used to service furnace pots as a part of the production process. A travelling limit switch module is included for loading/unloading at various heights, granting operators the ability to manually set multiple stopping points on the lift’s mast for trouble-free, repeatable results.