Featured Alum-a-Lift

Powered Clamp Anti Telescoping Copper Reel Handling Lift



34223 IEA (22)

Powered Clamp, Powered Wrists, Anti-Telescoping Device, Dual Clamp Force Setting


500 lb. [227 kg] Rolls


When manufacturing large industrial radiators, heat exchangers are the foundation of the heat transfer system. Copper is a thermally efficient conductor of heat as its high thermal conductivity allows heat to pass through it quickly. This Alum-a-Lift features a specialty anti-telescoping device that rotates with very heavy copper rolls preventing them from sliding out from their core and a “safe to lift” indicator light ensuring secure, efficient handling. Engineered to accommodate half and full height rolls, this lift includes a custom high/low force toggle further enhancing safety. The low-profile legs allow for very low pickups and deployments.