Featured Alum-a-Lift

Self Propelled V-Cradle Roll Handling Lift



Ergonomic Self Propelled V-Cradle Roll Handling Lift, Swiveling V-Trough, Power Drive Wheel, Cleanroom Compatible

Power Drive Wheel, Swiveling V-Cradle, ISO-8 Class 100,000 Cleanroom Compatible


500 lb [227 kg] Rolls


Many manufacturing operations involve the handling of material rolls within the facility. This self-propelled Alum-a-Lift features an extended reach, swiveling V-trough, and is  compatible for use in an ISO-8 Class 100,000 cleanroom. With the ability to rotate the material by 90°, it facilitates easy access to a variety of storage racks and machines, eliminating the necessity for manual material transfer between lifts. This versatile and ergonomically designed material handling solution optimizes the manufacturing process, allowing operators to interact with each rack or machine in a single lifting maneuver.