Featured Alum-a-Lift

Powered Eject/Unload Spool Handling Lift



Ergonomic powered eject/unload spool handling lift, stainless steel retaining bump, automatic spool tension cradle

Powered Eject/Unload, Stainless Steel Retaining Bump, Automatic Spool Tension Cradle


410 lb [186 kg] Spools


This lift was designed for a leading global industrial technology manufacturer to handle and store spools of heavy metal wiring for future distribution. This Alum-a-Lift features a powered eject/unload end effector to ensure efficient handling. The roll is securely held on an inclined surface by the stainless-steel retaining bump for added safety. Unlike the v-trough, in this innovative design, the front edge flattens for easy loading when lowered to the floor allowing the load to be supported from below. The automatic spool tension cradle, operated by push-button control enhances functionality while also prioritizing operator safety, preventing potential injuries.