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Stackbox Handling Lift with Rotating Fork Set



Stackbox Handling Lift with Rotating Fork Set

Encapsulated Drive Train, Carriage Stabilizer, Powered 180 Degree Rotation, Fixed Fork Set


230 lb [104 kg] Scrap Bins, Stackboxes, and Totes


This stackbox handling lift was designed for a connecting solutions company looking for a lifting and dumping solution for heavy scrap bins that were being handled manually. Alum-a-Lift’s solution captures the lip of two stackboxes between the top plate of the fixed  fork set, which extends slightly past the edge of the bin’s lip as added support for secure handling. A safety overload module with load/obstacle sensing will stop travel if the lift is overloaded or encounters any force in the upward direction. The lift’s base width, leg length, and casters diameter were customized to interface with the hopper so rotating bins can be dumped with no problem.