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Telescoping Boom Lift for Laser Optical Components



Ergonomic Telescoping Boom Lift for Laser Optical Components, Swivel hoist ring, obstacle and overload sensing, active lifting speed adjustment, floor brakes, ISO 5 cleanroom rated, SEMI S2, CE Compliant

Swivel Hoist Ring, Manual Telescoping Boom with Lock, Obstacle and Overload Sensing, Active Lifting Speed Adjustment, Floor Brakes, ISO 5 (Class 100) Cleanroom Rated, SEMI S2, CE Compliant


150 lb [68 kg] Laser Optical Components


This lift is designed to service various items in a new tool for a leading semiconductor and display equipment company.  The telescoping boom shuttles in and out allowing a more compact footprint and the leveling pads are compatible with the flooring typically found in semi cleanrooms. Our team worked closely with the customer’s engineering group to develop a complete solution tailored to meet the exacting requirements needed for formal NRTL (Nationally Recognized Testing Laboratory) testing to SEMI S2.