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Roll Handling Lift with Powered Clamp and Trunion



Ergonomic Roll Handling Lift with Powered Clamp and Trunion, Powered side to side rotation, manual forward rotation, anti-telescoping device

Powered Clamp, Powered Side-to-Side Rotation, Manual Forward Rotation, Anti-Telescoping Device


275 lb [125 kg] Rolls


This lift was designed for a personal care manufacturer that needed a material handling solution to handle large, heavy rolls of labels used for their FDA-regulated medical device. Alum-a-Lift offered a solution that securely grips the roll and facilitates rotation about 2 axis. The manual wrist enables forward rotation, while the trunion allows side-to-side rotations. This lift eliminates the need for manual lifting by grabbing rolls from a pallet and loading them onto the machine. For rolls that “telescope” or are made of slick materials, the anti-telescoping device ensures a secure grip on both the core and exterior to keep the roll from falling apart/sliding down due to gravity thus preserving the roll’s integrity throughout the handling process.