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Forming Tube Lift with Articulation and Tilt



32537 Forming Tube Lift with Articulation and Tilt

Non-marring Forkset, Hold-down clamps, Powered Tilt Up, Dual Lockable Pivots


120 lb [54 kg] Forming Tubes


In Vertical Form Fill and Seal (VFFS) equipment, forming tubes (also forming collars) are exchanged to allow a packaging line to switch between various sizes and styles of packaging. Changing the forming tube typically involves reaching a flange located high in the machine. The VFFS machine’s base and output conveyor may inhibit access. This lift’s end-effector offers articulation by way of two pivot points, allowing it to reach the tubes from a variety of angles. This featured lift also includes a special tilt-up motion to angle tubes through a tight space between overhead beams and the machine’s frame.