Featured Alum-a-Lift

Stainless Steel Bio-Pharma Bag Dump Lift



32461 Stainless Steel Bag Dumping Lift

Stainless Steel Construction, Powered Tilting Platform, Bag Clips


50 lb [23 kg] Bags


This Alum-a-Lift was created for a Bio-Pharmaceutical manufacturer to dump a 50 lb bag of product into a hopper.  This could be done by hand, but at heights close to 6ft [1.8m] this repetitive motion elevates the risk for shoulder injuries or dropped bags.  Stainless steel construction allows this lift to be wiped with caustic cleaners typically used in food and drug environments.  The funneled platform directs the product into the small opening of the hopper, and clips at the rear keeping the bag in place as it rotates eliminating the risk of injury.