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Pharmaceutical Tote Dumper with Tooling Adaptor



31697 Pharmaceutical Tote Dumper With Tooling Adaptor

Rotating Notched Forkset, Removable Tooling Adaptor, Trapezoidal Base with Low Profile Legs


100 lb [45 kg] Totes and 70 lb [32 kg] Hoppers


The packaging of pharmaceutical tablets into bottles requires the dumping of totes into a tablet elevator or dumping directly into the top hopper of a bottle filling machine. This lift captivates the lip of the totes between the split forks for secure handling. The removable tooling adaptor enables the lift to serve a secondary function of handling the hopper from the tablet elevator and the top of the machine for sanitizing processes. The removable adaptor utilizes the same split forks for mounting, simply slide the adaptor in place and you are good to go.