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Roll-Loading Lifter with Powered Push-Pull



Roll-Loading Lifter with Powered Push-Pull

Roll handling boom, Powered loading / unloading, Automatic floor brake, Custom spindle docking tip, Tilt-up safety shut-off


200 lb [91 kg] Paper and Plastic Rolls


This lift features a ø3” prong, able to pick up rolls by the core. A docking feature interfaces with a specialized spindle to ensure a safe and repeatable transfer, reducing risk of product or equipment damage. An embedded pusher plate offloads these rolls to a cantilevered rewinder shaft without any manual effort by an operator, eliminating the risk of injury. A attachable puller plate is used to remove the rolls from the spindle and move the rolls seamlessly around the floor. This lift also includes an optional powered floor brake which prevents pushing and pulling unless engaged with the floor.