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Multi-Purpose Lift for Semiconductor Wafer Fab



Multi-Purpose Ergonomic Material Handling Lift for Semiconductor Wafer Fab Cleanrooms

Articulated Arm, Load & Obstacle Sensing, Telescoping Mast, Deployable Outriggers, Powered Drive, ISO 5 (Class 100) Cleanroom, SEMI & CE rated


300 lb [136 kg] Semiconductor Components


This multi-purpose lift is a member of our S1000 family of lifting equipment and is designed specifically for servicing production tools in a wafer fab. Featuring an articulated arm and a large compliment of end-effectors, the lift can handle pumps, valves, power supplies and other tooling. The lift’s compact design and powered drive allow for easy navigation in tight spaces. The telescoping mast reaches an elevated height while manually deployed outriggers ensure stability while handling large loads at an extended reach. This system eliminates risky handling and reduces costly equipment downtime.