Featured Alum-a-Lift

Roller Deck Lift for Rack Mount Components



Roller Deck on Portable Ergonomic Lift for Rackmount Server Components

Side-to-Side Roller Deck with Flip-Up End Stops


500 lb [227 kg] Servers


There is a reason most computer hardware and server manufacturers prefer Alum-a-Lift. Prioritizing safety, ergonomics, and durability, this unit offers unparalleled value for datacenter usage. A low friction roller deck allows the heaviest rack mount components and UPS batteries to be installed by a single operator. Spring-loaded end-stops secure valuable components without relying on additional user actions. Alum-a-Lift routinely incorporates features such as tilt adjustment, overload sensing, powered drive wheels, side shifts, and hand tool storage to perfectly match each project’s unique requirements.