Featured Alum-a-Lift

Self-Propelled Heavy Server and Rack Lift



Portable Ergonomic Self-Propelled Heavy Server and Rack Lift

Heavy-duty high-friction platform, steerable powered drive wheel, trapezoidal base with narrow leg spacing


550 lb [250 kg] servers


Electronics manufacturers often use a burn-in rack to test or repair servers before they are shipped. Some of these racks are taller than 6 ft [1.8m] and hold servers weighing as much as 550 lbs [250kg], making them unergonomic to load and unload. This Alum-alift is capable of picking servers from a storage rack and placing them in the burn-in rack without the operator manually lifting, pushing, or pulling. A narrow leg spacing with trapezoidal base maintains the lift’s stability while still fitting in the tight areas that are common around server racks.