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Pharmaceutical Drum Dumper for IBC Loading



Pharmaceutical Drum Dumper Portable Ergonomic Lift for IBC Loading

Powered Clamp, Powered Rotation, Powered Shuttle, Dual Lifting Stage, Stainless Steel 304 Construction


400 lb [180 kg] Drums and Barrels


Replacing several floor-mounted material handling systems, this mobile lift dispenses powder or granular materials into Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s) for blending. This device can raise a floor bound drum and inverting it above an IBC that is on a weigh scale. The dual lifting stage of this lift allows for transit through standard height doors to service multiple rooms. The front-to-back shuttle decreases the lifts footprint during operations that do not require the long reach. A steerable powered drive wheel makes the lift self-propelled, eliminating any ergonomic concerns due to push/pull forces.