Featured Alum-a-Lift

Powered Rotating Workstation for Avionics



Powered Rotating Workstation Portable Ergonomic Lift for Avionics

Non-marring Turntable, Powered Rotating Head, Safety Overload Module, AGV Interface


75 lb [34 kg] Avionic Power Modules


Working on avionics is a common process in the aircraft and aerospace industries. This Alum-a-Lift serves as an ergonomic, height adjustable workstation with a built in turntable for easy access. Bolt down retainers are used to engage the handles or j-hooks. Powered 90 degree rotation allows the modules to be placed on and off a table, eliminating ergonomic concerns. The elevated base and large casters are configured for use with an AGV (automated guided vehicle) for seamless integration into an existing process. A type III hard coat anodized finish offers superior abrasion resistance.