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Vertical Clamp Battery Lift with Work Positioner Cart



34673 Vertical Clamp Battery Lift with Work Positioner Cart

Powered Overhead Clamp, Clamp Force Gauge, Fixture Cart with Manual Rotation Module


143 lb [65 kg] Battery Modules


In electronics, generated heat is dissipated or dispersed via the heat sink to improve device performance. Therefore, it’s crucial to position these components throughout a battery system to facilitate cooling. This vertical clamp battery lift features low-profile powered clamps that grip each side of the battery from its packaging and sets them into a separate work positioner cart with fixture arms that fold in to captivate the battery’s flange. The rotation module on the work positioner cart allows either side of the battery to face upwards to have the heat sink installed, then rotates the battery to its proper orientation for placing into a shelving unit. The cart’s arms and the lift’s clamp pads have no interference, which eases the transitions between the two systems.