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34651 Assembly and Packing Lift for Electrical Chassis



34651 Assembly and Packing Lift for Electrical Chassis

4-Segment Articulating Arm, Manual Linear Clamp, Quick-Exchange Toolless Interface


70 lb [31 kg] Electrical Chassis


A contract manufacturer in electronics requested a lift specified for transferring electrical chassis throughout their production line process. The procedure involved lifting and maneuvering mechanical sub-assemblies from storage shelfs to a workstation cart, where assemblies are then lowered into a chassis for system integration before transferred to packing by the same lift.

This versatile assembly and packing lift comes ESD equipped with a manual, linear clamp head mounted to an adjustable articulating arm to pick up electrical assemblies during any part of the process using a width adjustable fork set made of Delrin to prevent any marring of the assemblies. Its versatility makes this lift a huge benefit to operators as it can be used in multiple ways to complete the assembly process safely and easily.