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Powered Overhead Clamp Lift with Swivel Mount



34603 Powered Overhead Clamp Lift with Swivel Mount

Gusseted Boom, Manual Swivel Mount (+/- 45°), Powered Clamp, Clamp-Force Limiter, Manual Wrists


440 lb [199 kg] Rolls


This powered overhead clamp lift was designed for a biopharmaceutical company looking for lifters to manage web rolls (paper and plastic) used in a thermoforming process for the fabrication of blisters used in pharmaceutical packaging. Rolls needed to be grabbed from overhead due to compatibility with the customer’s carts and rotated horizontal to allow the insertion of a pneumatic shaft through the core. The powered clamp comes equipped with force limiting sensors, ensuring no damage to the rolls. The wrists can be manually manipulated to pick up rolls in either a vertical or horizontal direction. Additionally, the clamp itself pivots about it’s centerline, allowing the clamp to rotate and lock at +/- 45 degrees. This Alum-a-Lift can manage a range of lifting applications, improving productivity and reducing down time.