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Rotating Fixture Lift for Handling Die Plates



Rotating Fixture Lift for Handling Die Plates

Manual 360° Rotation, Manual Tilt Adjust (+/-2°), Wash Down IP65, Carriage Stabilizer


50 lb [22 kg] Die Plates


This rotating fixture lift was designed for a global supplier of pet food to pick up, transport, and install die plates on an extrusion machine. This involves moving filters to a vise station, lifting from the hub, lowering onto a machine shaft, and rotating the die plate to line up in the machine before driving the assembly in. Alum-a-Lift customized a lift that picks up dies using a hub that sits on a bracket with an over-clamp/retainer to hold the part in place. And with 360° rotation and a front-to-back tilt to level the component in any direction, this ergonomic lift holds the heavy die and utilizes these fine adjustments for precise alignment without straining the operator.