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Multi-Axis Aerospace Lift for Handling Valves



34407 Multi-Axis Aerospace Lift for Handling Valves

Multi-Axis DOF Manipulator, Powered Knuckle Module, Encapsulated Drive Train


250 lb [113 kg] Valves and Vent Covers


This multi-axis aerospace lift was built for an aerospace manufacturer specializing in rockets, spacecraft, satellites, and heavy-lift launch vehicles. Their solution needed to have infinite placement capabilities for precise component arrangements on multiple planes. This Alum-a-Lift comes with a powered rotation module in the rear of the end-effector and a multi-axis DOF manipulator for precise positioning and alignment. The fine adjustments on the tilt module and lateral shuttles allow for even greater accuracy during installations. Additionally, it features an interface plate with a custom hole pattern to interface with the valves.