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Forward Tilting Vacuum Lift for Pressure Vessels



34346 Forward Tilting Vacuum Lift for Pressure Vessels

Powered Pivoting Vacuum Head, Dual On-Board Vacuum System with Cycle On Demand Pumps


150 lb [68 kg] Pressure Vessels


This vacuum lift was designed for assembly technicians at a nitrogen generators manufacturer to ergonomically install N2 tanks and sieve beds into cabinets. With an electrical motor capable of lifting up to 150 lb, and 15° front-to-back powered tilt, this Alum-a-Lift allows operators to lift pressure vessels into an angled position and then lower onto the shelf where it can be maneuvered to its mounting point easily — enabling the user to safely install the N2 tank given the tight space constraints. Additionally, the dual onboard vacuum system has a redundant set of vacuum pumps and pads to act as an added safety measure in case one line cuts out.