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Platform Roll Handling Lift For Label Spool Loading



Ergonomic Platform Roll Handling Lift for Spool Loading, Platform with Adjustable Sliding Stops and Locking Pin

Platform with Adjustable Sliding Stops and Locking Pin


100 lb [45 kg] Rolls


Designed for a beverage manufacturer, this lift addresses the challenge of loading label spools onto a machine for product application. This project demanded compatibility with a large range of spool diameters while fitting into a tight 3” underside clearance. Roll troughs and cradles typically used for this type of project are too large, so Alum-a-Lift’s engineers designed a special thin platform to hold the rolls. Sliding adjustable plastic stops secure the rolls on both ends accommodating varying roll diameters and locking securely in place. This clever design not only prevents crimping or marring of the labels but ensures an efficient material handling process.