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Rotating Satellite Handling Work Positioner Lift



Ergonomic Rotating Satellite Handling Work Positioner Lift, Cleanroom 100 classification, 360-degree rotating wrists, adjustable arm width

Cleanroom 100 Classification, 360° Rotating Wrists, Adjustable Arm Width


500 lb [227 kg] Components


This lift was engineered for an aerospace company tasked with handling a satellite for servicing and sensor development. Beyond meeting a cleanroom 100 classification, this Alum-a-Lift features rotating wrists with a minimum torque of 2500 in*lbs, enabling operators to safely lift off-centered components and reposition them at various orientations. The lift’s adjustable arm width allows for easier initial positioning with flexibility to move its custom interface plates inward for precise mating with the component’s fastener holes. Speed control on both powered functions ensures controlled and delicate handling, crucial for maneuvering satellites.