Featured Alum-a-Lift

Aviation Vacuum Lift with Rotating Suction Head



33733 Mobile Vacuum Lift with Rotating Suction Head

Four-cup Suction Head, Powered Rotation Module, On-board Redundant Vacuum Pumps


264 lb. [120 kg] Panels


Designed for a prominent aviation manufacturer specializing in subassemblies and electrical applications, this Alum-a-Lift is engineered to facilitate the inspection of large panels featuring components on both sides. The lift is equipped with an on-board vacuum system, featuring a suction head that smoothly rotates 180 degrees at the touch of a button. This design ensures technicians have convenient access to either side of the panel. The lift employs four suction cups, with opposing pairs connected to independent and redundant vacuum generation systems. This dual-system setup allows continued functionality, as one system can take over if the other experiences pressure loss.