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Mandrel Installation Lift with Rotating Gripper



33500 Mandrel Installation Lift with Rotating Gripper

Powered 90° Rotation Module, Pivoting Arm, Gripper, Manual Clamp, Locking Tabs, Safety Sensors


600 lb [272 kg] Process Mandrels


This mandrel installation lift was developed to improve the handling interactions within a clients machine and sleeve installation process. The roll end caps of their process mandrels were not load bearing, which made it more difficult to secure the rolls. Alum-a-Lift resolved this by including locking tabs on each arm, secured with ball lock pins to grip the mandrel. Once the tabs are locked, the end-effector can rotate to a vertical position where the top arm can then be unlocked and pivoted away from the mandrel to allow for the sleeve to be installed. Sensors detect if the top arm is locked in place with ball lock pins. Rotation is only enabled when the top arm is locked in place to prevent mishandling of the mandrel. The manual clamp can be adjusted to consistently output a set amount of force to avoid damaging the process mandrel.