Featured Alum-a-Lift

Heavy Duty Lift for Handling Frame Modules



Ergonomic, Clean Room, Dual Forks with Non Marring Liners, Lateral Shuttle, Lateral Tilt, Forward Tit, Powered Drive Wheel, Low-Profile Legs, Semiconductor

Dual Forks with Non-Marring Liners, Lateral Shuttle, Lateral Tilt, Forward Tilt, Powered Drive Wheel with Slow Approach Speed, Low-Profile Legs,


1,764 lb [800 kg] Frame Modules


This Alum-a-Lift was engineered to position large Frame Modules in a cleanroom environment for a prominent Semiconductor Tool Manufacturer. The incorporation of this frame into another module accommodating a height clearance of merely 2 ½ inches while ensuring functionality within an area with barely enough space to lift was a challenge only we could accomplish. The lift’s lateral shuttle allows easier alignment while the lateral tilt and forward tilt allow the frame module to remain flat, regardless of the center of mass location.