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Rotating Powered Gripper with Interchangeable Jaws



33237 Rotating Powered Gripper with Interchangeable Jaws

Rotating Powered Gripper, 90° Powered Front to Back Tilting, Interchangeable Jaws, Overload Safety Device, Sensing Hardware


220 lb [100 kg] Stacks of Precision Parts


This rotating powered gripper was designed to help a manufacturing company handle different precision parts needing to be stacked, compressed, taken to a banding machine where the stack is banded together, then taken to a measuring station with clearance restrictions and alignment requirements. Alum-a-Lift achieved all this by incorporating interchangeable jaws to accommodate the differences in hardware, sensing capabilities for aligning stacks with tooling, the ability to compress the stacks, interlocks to prevent incorrect operation, and a spring overload safety device in the event of an overload.