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Rotating Fork Set Lift for Electrical Assemblies



33118 Rotating Fork Set For Electrical Assemblies 1

Non-Marring Fork Set and Retaining Arm, Powered 90° Rotation, Traveling Limit Switch with Adjustable Trips


75 lb [34 kg] Electrical Assemblies


This Alum-a-Lift was designed to streamline the process of readying electronic assemblies for shipment for a contract manufacturer. The computer assembly smoothly slides onto the UHMW-lined fork set from its storage position, and then the retaining arm is lowered into place and rotated 90° flat to facilitate the purging of internal fluids. This customized lift solution seamlessly integrates with their existing setup, and the innovative Traveling Limit Switch with Adjustable Trips Module is a simple alternative to automation and can be modified by existing personnel with simple hand tools.