Featured Alum-a-Lift

Gripper Lift for Biopharmaceutical Filters



Ergonomic Gripper Lift, Biopharmaceutical Filters, Safety overload boom, manual forward shuttle, triple head powered gripper

IP65 Washdown , Safety Overload Boom, Manual Forward shuttle, Triple Head Powered Gripper


80 lb [36 kg] Filters (3), Max Load 240 lb [109 kg]


This lift was designed to alleviate the need for operators in a biopharmaceutical production environment to manually lift used inline filters. The existing operation required the operators to pick up the 80 lb [36kg] filters one by one and discard them into a disposal bin. This operation of lifting/twisting posed risks for back and shoulder injuries.  This Alum-A-Lift features a powered gripper head that allows a single operator to lift 3 filters simultaneously and safely dispose of them reducing the strain on their backs.  The forward shuttle and pivoting gripper head further enhance the ease of positioning.