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Wet Tank Service Lift for Semiconductor Wafer Fabs



33034 Wet Tank Service Lift for Semiconductor Wafer Fabs

Interchangeable End-Effectors, Articulated Arm with Positional Brakes, Overload/Obstacle Encounter Protection, Deployable Outriggers with Stability Interlocks, Powered Drive, ISO 5 (Class 100) Cleanroom, SEMI S2 & CE Compliant


125lb [57 kg] Wet Tanks


Wafer cleaning is a critical step in manufacturing semiconductors. Servicing these tools in a safe and timely manner allows manufacturers to produce high yield wafers. This cleanroom lift is a member of our S1000 family of lifting equipment, and is uniquely suited to work in a narrow aisle while still meeting reach and stability requirements. The multi-purpose design allows different end-effectors to be attached to an articulated arm for handling components such as wet tanks, door plates and robots.