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Roll Lift with Core Gripper and Powered Ejector



32497 Roll Lift with Core Gripper and Powered Ejector

Quick Exchange Batteries, Powered Core Gripper, Powered 90° Rotation, Powered Ejection


220 lb [100 kg] Rolls


Packaging and bagging machines often utilized plastic materials on bulk rolls during the final phase of production. Depending on the speed of the machine and the size of the rolls, these will need to be replenished several times per shift. These are typically too heavy for an operator to safely lift and load. This lift can pick rolls from pallets by gripping the center core and rotate the rolls 90° to place onto a cantilevered shaft. Once the roll is piloted onto the shaft, an ejector pushes the roll the final distance. This allows a single operator to complete the full process without ever touching the rolls.