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Work Positioner Lift For Aerospace Tool Handling



Ergonomic Work Positioner Lift for Aerospace Tool Handling, Boom with Latching Hook, Fixture Mount with 360° rotation, lateral shuttle, ground support equipment

Boom with Latching Hook, Fixture Mount with 360 ° Rotation, Lateral Shuttle


331 lb [150 kg] Tooling


Alum-a-Lift was approached by a prominent defense and space product manufacturer seeking ground support equipment for the primary optical sensor unit of their satellite. This lift serves as both a work positioner and transport device, interfacing with multiple assembly stands and carts utilized throughout the build process. Engineered to adhere strictly to international standards, it is also ISO 5 cleanroom compatible. This lift features a separate rotating interface mounted on a vertical shuttle to allow the hook to “hand off” to the rotation interface, lateral shuttle enabling precise alignment between the two interfaces and hard coat anodization for all aluminum components to prevent corrosion and enhance surface hardness.