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Roll Lift with Extending Clamp for Narrow Aisles



Roll Lift with Extending Clamp for Narrow Aisles

Removable side push handle, Interchangeable Cradle Sizes, Forward Shuttle Extension, Powered Over-clamp


400 lb [182 kg] Rolls


Long, heavy rolls are common place for roll slitting processes. In this instance, rolls of varying length and weight are being loaded onto a slitter with little room to work. The space constraints require the lift to have a minimal depth as well as the ability to maneuver front to back or side to side. The smaller footprint is accomplished by having an extendable cradle and low profile handles. A powered over-clamp secures the rolls during travel. The lift can be moved laterally by the removable handle that fits into the sockets on either side of the lift. An additional set of center casters allows the lift to roll over a 1” gap in the floor.