Featured Alum-a-Lift

Roll Lift with Expanding Mandrel Rotator



Electric Roll Lift with Expanding Mandrel Rotator

Expanding Mandrel Roll Gripper, Powered Lateral Shuttle, Steerable Powered Drive Wheel


400 lb [181 kg] Rolls


Rolls of paper and plastic are used to package foods, pharmaceuticals, and other consumer products. Using the largest roll that a packaging machine can accept allows the time between changeovers and therefore process output to be maximized. This self-propelled Alum-a-Lift features powered core gripping, lifting, and rotation. A lateral shuttle (side shift) helps with roll and shaft alignment. Counterweight has been added to the rear of the lift to allow rolls to be picked from floor-bound pallets. Interchangeable core tips enable the lift to be used for machines with multiple shaft diameters.