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Cleanroom Roll Handling Lift with V-Cradle



Custom Cleanroom Roll Handling Equipment with V-Cradle

Steerable Power Drive, Powered Lateral Shuttle, Powered Deflection Compensation, Interchangeable Cradles, ISO 6 (Class 1000) Cleanroom Compatible


800 lb [364 kg] Rolls


This lift was designed to load large rolls onto wrapping machines in a clean room with very little space to maneuver. The two interchangeable cradles allow the operator to load rolls onto a cantilevered shaft, or transversely with a thru shaft mounted in the roll. The powered lateral shuttle and powered deflection compensation make for easier targeting when loading and unloading. This lift takes the manual labor out of a task that is otherwise a high risk of injury. The operators were happy to receive a solution to keep them from doing the heavy lifting!