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Silicon Wafer Lift for Semiconductor Cleanroom



31571 Silicon Wafer Lift for Semiconductor Cleanroom

Pivoting Hooks, Removable Fixture, 360° Swivel, Low Profile Handles, Trapezoidal Base


200 lb. [91 kg] Window Fixtures


A semiconductor wafer manufacturer uses this lift to transport fixtured wafers through the stations in their cleaning process, including solvent cleaning tanks, RCA cleaning baths, and deionized (DI) water rinse tanks, all within a Class 10 (ISO 4) Cleanroom. This lift includes hooks that lock into handles on the fixture and allow the fixtured wafers to be lowered into tanks or place on work surfaces. The hooks are mounted on a 360° swivel that allows the fixture to be rotated around the vertical axis for placement in any orientation. A special base design ensures compatibility with all stations in the process.