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Ergonomic Lift with Rotating Optical Assembly Gripper



Ergonomic Lift with Rotating Optical Assembly Gripper

Width Adjustable Four-point Gripper, 360-degree Manual Rotation with Brakes, 90-degree Powered Knuckle, Manual Lateral Shuttle


350 lb. [193 kg] Optics


An optics manufacturer required a lift to assist with manipulating an optical assembly in a class 100 cleanroom. This gripper was designed to interface with existing lugs on the frame surrounding the optics, and sliding adjustments allow use with variously sized assemblies. The gripper can freely rotate 360-degrees, can be locked in any position, and is detachable to allow the lift to be easily adapted to future applications. A powered knuckle provides 90-degree front-to-back rotation, and a lateral shuttle allows for accurate positioning.