Featured Alum-a-Lift

Multi Degree of Freedom Laser Optics Manipulator



Portable Ergonomic Multi Degree Of Freedom Laser Optics Manipulator and Lifter

Active Forkset, Manual Trunion, Manual Deflection Compensation, Manual Front-to-Back Shuttle. Manual Side-to-Side Shuttle, Overload/Obstacle Encounter Safety, ISO 5 Cleanroom Compatibility Leg Alignment Guides


99 lb [45 kg] Laser Optic Frames


A Laser Glass Optic OEM required a lift for loading/unloading frames with fragile optics in and out of their machines at various points during the manufacturing process. This Alum-a-Lift features manual translation for repeatable, precise motions to help protect the sensitive instruments in the machines. The manual trunion allows for operators to rotate the Laser Optics for inspection in between processes.