Featured Alum-a-Lift

Overhead Clamping Lift for Roll and Spool Handling



Portable Ergonomic Roll and Spool Handling Lift

Low-Profile Clamp Pads, Overhead Clamp with Integrated Handles, Vertical Swivel with 90° Locks, Tilt-Up Safety Switch, Lateral Shuttle, Powered Drive Wheel


240 lb [109 kg] Spools


This Alum-a-Lift was built to support an N95 respirator manufacturing process and features low profile clamp pads on an overhead clamp to pick closely palletized spools. The vertical swivel allows an operator to approach any side of a pallet and orient the payoff direction of the material. The lift’s lateral shuttle module provide side-shift ability and helps with quick alignment when picking and placing, and the tilt up safety prevents overloading of the equipment when placing a spool.