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SEMI S2-S8 Rated Mobile Cleanroom Maintenance Hoist



31248 SEMI S2-S8 Rated Mobile Cleanroom Maintenance Hoist

Interchangeable End-Effectors, Locking Articulated Arm, Obstacle Encounter/Overload, Linear Rail Construction, ISO5 (Class 100) Cleanroom, SEMI S2, S8 Rated


150 lb [68 kg] Pumps, Heater Blocks & Barrels


Designed for a global leader in the semiconductor industry, this multi-purpose hoist makes servicing 200mm Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) equipment easy. Interchangeable end-effectors allow for handling different components, including turbo/vacuum pumps, heater blocks and barrels. The arm’s long reach coupled with the hoist’s stiff construction allow for off center loading during lifting and maintenance operations. A powered drive assist provides effortless movement in the fab.