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Aerospace Tool Balancer Articulating Arm Lift



31127 Aerospace Tool Balancer Articulating Arm Lift

Linear Rails, Dual Plunger Floor Brakes, Articulating Arm w/ Brakes, Tool Balancing, Multi DOF Positioning


50 lb [23 kg] Pneumatic Tools


Aircraft maintenance requires heavy pneumatic tools for disassembly and assembly of certain sections of the plane. These tools are too heavy to ergonomically lift, much less use repeatedly in awkward positions. This lift allows the operator to access parts of the airplane over a broad range of heights and positions while holding the tool in a virtually weightless state. Gross movements are made by end of arm controls while the +/-6in of float is used for the final positioning. Without this lift, the tooling could not be safely used. Now, a single operator can perform maintenance in a fraction of the time it used to take.